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Treat Your Plastic Card To Matt+ Finish

Treat Your Plastic Card To Matt+ Finish

At Made by Oomph like to wow, so here you are, a touchable new finish for your plastic card we call Matt+. The über tactile finish to make your plastic cards look and feel even more fabulous. Be it a hotel key card, a spa membership card or a smart travel ticket, you're sure to wow your customers.

Pair matt+ finish up with a shiny spot gloss varnish to give the perfect touchable contrast. We love our super high gloss and silky matt card finish, matt+ however, takes your cards to another dimension. You can even combine finishes and have matt+ on the front and super high gloss on the back.

Spot-gloss plastic cards OomphSo there it is, competitive advantage, perfectly poised to get your customers talking. 

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