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Where To Find The Rare Product Flavours of Global Brands

Where To Find The Rare Product Flavours of Global Brands

Have you ever seen an interesting or exciting product flavour on your travels and wondered why the brand doesn't sell it back home? Blueberry flavoured Fanta for instance? Mint flavoured Oreos? It turns out that it's not uncommon for some of the world's biggest food and beverage brands to expand on their staple products and experiment with a variety of product flavours in different countries. By adapting to a country's existing tastes, coupled with the recognised brand name, it can be incredibly easy for brands to enter new markets with a quickly popular product.

From Starbucks selling a strawberries and cream flavoured coffee in the UK, to Fanta selling a banana flavoured drink in India, to Kit Kat selling a soy sauce flavoured chocolate bar in Japan, we have looked into some of the rare localised product flavours produced by global brands, and have detailed exactly what countries to find them in in our infographic below.

What flavour would you most like to try? We'll be steering way clear of the melon and cheese Kit Kats when we head to Japan…


Rare global brands flavours by Made by Oomph


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