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2018, the Final Countdown

2018, the Final Countdown

As the year is drawing to a close, it's time for us to reflect. 2018 has been an adventure! Here are our highlights.

Spotlight on hotel key cards

We've made amazing hotel key cards yet that's not all! We've shared best practice, given you tips on the best features and finishes,RFID technology and let you 'behind the scenes'. There is more to come in 2019!

New bespoke event portfolio

Branded lanyardsevent badges, RFID wristbands. We've created a one stop solution to save you time and money, making event management a little bit less stressful.

The big news for 2019, environmentally friendly cards

In 2018 we've launched new card ranges, cards with social responsibility. Our plastic cards are now made from at least 60% recycled plastic. Better still, we've introduced Go Green paper card that is made from - yes you guessed it, superior paper card, with a smart layer of varnish to add strength. Saving resources and reducing waste.

2019 is time to go greener :-) 

Festive season opening hours 

Our last working day is Friday, 21 December, we close at 5:00 pm. We're back to making your awesome plastic cards and lanyards at 8:30 am on 2nd January 2019. 

Be outstanding in 2019! Time to find out how :-)  

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